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The artist is the one that never stops the act of observation, he nourish himself with everithing at any time and attempts supreme awarness of it within his own artwork.


The statue.

The reasons which  I have done so many statues and I have not closed the matter yet, are few ones.
I feel the matter and my life tied together, since when I was born.  The interest for the joy and the suffering of humanity and of all the beings that I have been able to know, has given inspiration to the work.
Certainly being born in Florence, with the Davide that,  as a child still seemed more “ gigante “… has done its part!
All those expressions of the man and his life, "frozen" on the roads, ready for me to be discovered….  They seemed "to speak" in a silent language.
This immobility that ignites the thought, cought me soon.

Then my Grandfather Emanuele that religiously painted compositions and its chrome scales every day and - pay attention – why ? -  I have never wondered. I have simply believed that there was reason, but I didn't know it yet.

Now that fifty years has passed of these mysteries, to make a statue comes easy and that garden where Savinio felt the whisper the marble figures, has given strong sense to Life.

The paint.
I have seen paintings since I was very little.
The silence of painting… is proportional to the jump that its concept imposes. The mental elaboration is strong while I paint, the hand that holds the brush appears to be detached from my arm. Mixing colors is instead totally dictated by senses.

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